Statement in the impeachment committee: Brother James supports US President Joe Biden

Testimony in the Impeachment Committee
Brother James supports US President Joe Biden

The US Republicans are trying to patch things up for President Joe Biden with preliminary investigations into impeachment proceedings. They claim that he took advantage of his position to further his family’s business interests. His younger brother James now rejects this corruption narrative.

According to consistent media reports, Joe Biden’s younger brother defended the US President against Republican corruption allegations at a hearing before important committees of the House of Representatives. James Biden became the first family member to testify behind closed doors as part of the investigation into possible impeachment proceedings against the president.

According to a transcript of his opening statement, which was quoted by several US media outlets after the hearing, the 74-year-old said: “I have had a 50-year career in a variety of companies. Joe Biden was never on “Involved in these activities or had a direct or indirect financial interest in them. None.” He never asked his brother to take any official action on his behalf or that of his business partners.

In all of the business ventures in which he has been involved, he has relied on his own talent, judgment, skills and personal relationships – and never on his status as Joe Biden’s brother .

The Republicans in the House of Representatives are pushing forward the so-called impeachment investigations against Joe Biden. They accuse the Democratic president of abusing his public office for the financial benefit of his family. However, they have not yet provided any clear evidence of serious misconduct. It is questionable whether the investigation could actually result in impeachment proceedings.

The 81-year-old wants to run for a second term in the US election in November. Last week, an ex-FBI informant was arrested on charges of fabricating corruption allegations against Joe Biden and his son Hunter. As US media reported on Tuesday, the ex-informant claimed after his arrest that Russian intelligence was involved in providing him with information about Hunter Biden.

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