Steirer (25) injured – on street banquet: motorcycle driver fell

On Saturday, a 25-year-old Styrian came with his motorcycle during an overtaking maneuver in Haimburg near Völkermarkt on the verge of the road and as a result fell. The man was admitted to the AUKH in Klagenfurt.

A 25-year-old man from Fohnsdorf, Murtal district, was driving his motorcycle on Diexer Straße (L113) in the direction of Diex on Saturday at around 3:45 p.m. In the Haimburg area, the biker overtook a tractor driving in front of him, which was driven by a 25-year-old Völkermarkt woman. “The 25-year-old hit the left shoulder of the road with his motorcycle and subsequently fell,” explains a police officer.

The Styrian was admitted to the AUKH Klagenfurt with injuries of an indefinite degree.