Stéphane Plaza disappointed: his apartment robbed while he was filming one of his shows

This Sunday, January 16, Stéphane Plaza revealed to his Instagram subscribers that his apartment was robbed during his absence, a theft discovered on the return from the filming of one of his shows.

In life and on the small screen, Stéphane Plaza has made it his mission to help his famous or anonymous clients find the perfect cozy nest for them. In Search apartment or house on M6, the real estate agent struggles to find the property that meets all their desires and sometimes crazy requirements. In the last program broadcast on Friday January 14, he notably bent over backwards to meet the very selective criteria of a dancer from the Paris Opera. But if the animator and actor has made a specialty of finding the real estate pearl for his clients, he has a little more trouble with his own apartment where he seems to accumulate problems.

Stéphane Plaza robbed

A year ago, Stéphane Plaza found himself homeless due to work at his home. He then had to settle for a few months in a roommate with his friend Karine Le Marchand. But this temporary move did not sign the end of his real estate worries. Last November, in The Big Heads on RTL, the troublemaker of M6 revealed that he might have to move permanently because his address in Paris was now known to the general public, due to his presence on the cover of a people magazine. “It took me nine months to do work on my apartment, it’s not finished yet and I already have to move because everyone has my address”, he regretted then. And now today, the famous real estate agent received a not very pleasant visit to his apartment.

The police called

On the night of this Sunday, January 16, around 1 a.m., Stéphane Plaza posted several stories on his Instagram account revealing that he was robbed while he was away. A theft he discovered on returning from filming. “Pleasant return after a show. Burglarized apartment. Thank you life” the real estate agent first wrote, with a series of angry emojis, in the caption of a photo where he has his fingerprints taken by the police. Law enforcement was called to the scene of the crime. In a second photo, Stéphane Plaza reveals the damage caused during the burglary on the door of his apartment, the thieves having broken into his home by breaking in his lock. “Happy New Year 2022” caption with irony the host of House for sale. “The fingerprints are taken. The statements are made. We start from scratch” he then concludes in a third shot where we see him somewhat dazed with the police present at his home.

An event “complicated and violent”

In the afternoon, Stéphane Plaza said a little more about this burglary in a post on his Instagram account. If he tries to put things into perspective, the real estate agent is no less shaken. “The balls, the balls, the balls. Inevitably, I am sad deep down and I will discover day after day the extent of what I am missing (Go and steal my electric razor hat off). There is worse, it’s only material but it remains complicated and violent as an event. Of course no one heard anything. I remain healthy, my loved ones too and I will continue to smile again and again. No fear will come to cut my way. Let’s shake life so it doesn’t eat away at us, let’s shake life so it doesn’t cost us” he writes there.

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