Stéphane Plaza "metamorphosed" by Cyril Lignac… and it is not a pretty sight: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

During confinement, Cyril Lignac presented the culinary show every night on M6 All in the kitchen. Despite its success, the program ended on Friday, June 12, 2020. For the last one, Cyril Lignac had the surprise of seeing Stéphane Plaza land on his landing. The two presenters seemed delighted to be able to share this moment of conviviality together. Visibly transformed by his passage on the cooking show, the most famous real estate agent of PAF decided to pay a little tribute to the chef by posting a photo of his face on his Instagram account … covered with a green sauce.

Stéphane Plaza replaces Cyril Lignac

In legend of the photo, Karine Le Marchand's best friend wrote: "This is called a facelift! While filming, I was told "improvise" … My passage at Cyril Lignac "metamorphosed" me, finally now I just have to coordinate my movements and the next recipe may be on the plate. While waiting for the Michelin star, I'm ready to represent the famous mascot Cetelem! I have the right costume, and without doing a task! My make-up artist Mumute thinks that it is rather my task. Long live the broccoli, long live the zucchini, long live the resumption of filming Better at home … and long live France. "

His picture was very popular with his subscribers who were very numerous to click on the little heart of "like". Since the broadcast stopped All in the kitchen, Stéphane Plaza occupies the niche left vacant by Sophie Marceau's former companion with the program Better at home but struggles to make such good audiences.

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