Sticky Cars: You shouldn’t park under these trees

Sticky Cars
You shouldn’t park under these trees during the summer months

If you park your car under certain trees, it may look like this after a short time.

What’s dripping from the trees, even though it’s not raining? In the video you can find out what the sticky secretion is and under which growths you and your car should therefore not linger.

The streets, pedestrian walkways and cars – everything seems to be sticky at the moment. If we stand briefly under some trees, it drips down on us, but it’s not rain. The secretion is difficult to remove and occurs more frequently in the warm summer months.

It drips sticky from the trees

But what is it that is currently sticking all the streets and cars together? In the video we tell you what’s behind the sticky substance and under which trees you shouldn’t park if you don’t want to wash your car all the time.


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