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At the right time: Apple unveils a new connected watch for the fall. But what is the Apple Watch Series 7 worth? aufeminin has tested it and tells you everything.

Much more than a simple gadget on the wrist, the Apple Watch has gradually established itself as a very useful addition for iPhone owners. The connected watch, launched in 2014, is in its seventh version and improves even more in this 2021 edition.

The Apple Watch Series 7 differs from its predecessors in three main areas: a even bigger screen with display even in curved areas at the edge, a enhanced autonomy and theappearance of a tactile keyboard hitherto absent. But what is this connected watch worth? To be sure, aufeminin was able to test it and put it to the test of everyday life.

Apple Watch: the screen that makes all the difference

Who says 20% larger screen, says more imposing watch? Nay. By reducing the black borders around the display area, Apple has achieved the feat of offering a larger screen without changing the dimensions of its case. Better: the Apple Watch Series 7 and even a little less thick than version 6 (1.7 mm on the edges). On the other hand, for visual comfort, it makes all the difference. Even looking at the screen almost horizontally, the display is still very readable. A delight for the eyes and a marked improvement over previous generations.

Improved autonomy for the connected watch

This is the real Achilles heel of the Apple Watch: the Apple Watch struggles to last a full day, even though it has a sleep analysis system. It is therefore necessary to think about recharging it at the end of the day. If the Californian giant does not completely solve the problem, we have seen an improvement in the autonomy of the device (19 hours approximately, according to our usage). Importantly, Apple has improved the charging speed. From now on, its base of induction charging works in USB-C and put 33% less time to top up the battery. Appreciable even if we still hope for a real change from Apple in this area. The V8 may be the right one …

Touch screen keypad, IP6X certification, bicycle safety option, etc.

In addition to the two major changes listed above, the Apple Watch Series 7 incorporates many small new features. Some are detailed, others much less. Like the IP6X certification of the smartwatch which ensures that the device has excellent dust resistance. In addition, Apple no longer hesitates, in its demonstration videos, to display a person swimming in the open sea with the watch on his wrist. Until now, this was only hinted at. It’s nice to be able to swim – in a pool, in a lake or at sea – with your Apple Watch without having the slightest hesitation about its waterproofness.

The size of the screen also allowed Apple to add a new function to its Watch: a touch screen which allows you to respond in writing to messages when, until now, you had to dictate your message, with all the pitfalls that this implies. In addition, quick calculations can also be performed using a numeric keypad.

Finally, Apple is following the movement of the boom in soft mobility and adding new new options for cyclists. In our tests, the Apple Watch Series 7 detects bike trips much more accurately and quickly. She also knows momentarily interrupt the measurement moving when you stop at a red light, for example. At last, able to detect a fall, she can call for help and warn your loved ones if you wish.


Apple Watch Series 7 marks a real turning point for the watch, with significantly improved visual comfort with its 20% larger screen. The improvement in autonomy and the speed of recharging the battery are also greatly appreciated. We also noted a greater reliability of certain health measurement tools, in particular the calculation of blood oxygen, which works much better than in the past (much less failure of the measurement). The price of this premium connected watch remains. For the “small model” (41 mm), the price starts at 429 euros. A nice gift to slip under the tree.

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