Street Fighter 6 atomizes the competition, a historic record!

Street Fighter 6 has just been released and it’s already crushing the competition. Unheard of for Capcom. In reality, it goes even further than that, since the game even knocks out the biggest fighting game license, Mortal Kombat.

2023 is definitely a year rich in twists and turns when we are barely halfway there. If video game releases are very numerous, especially in this month of June, several genres often left behind are coming back to the fore. This is particularly the case of fighting games. Street Fighter 6 is the first (very) big representative and a certain Mortal Kombat 1 will follow suit in a few weeks. Capcom’s behemoth is currently playing all alone in the market and it has literally blown everything up.

Street Fighter 6 knocks everyone out

Consoles or PCs, SF6 gets off to a flying start. On Steam, it’s downright a record. Unheard of for Capcom. In fact, it’s even historic, since the game literally buried Mortal Kombat 11, the best-selling fighting game of recent years. street fighter 6 has indeed recorded a record peak of more than 70,000 players simultaneously, a colossal performance for a game of versus. The previous record was held by Mortal Kombat 11 with nearly 27,000 players. Alongside these giants, Street Fighter 5 had a record high of just over 13,000 and Tekken 7 at around 18,000. street fighter 6 is destroying everything.

Record recorded via SteamCharts

It must also be said that the monster of Capcom beats seriously

And what could be more normal as the game has it under the hood. A complete roster, elaborate game modes, including a deeper solo mode than it seems. On the multiplayer side, in addition to the classic modes, SF6 now offers a Battle Hub, an area where you can meet other players like in an arcade. It is possible here to compete by playing the traditional heroes of the franchise (and newcomers), but also your own avatar that you can customize and evolve during the campaign mode. Not to mention ranked modes, mini-games and other surprises. But all this we will tell you about in our test. It’s coming soon, we promise. Just give us time to get wrecked online for a few hours.

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