Street Fighter 6 celebrates 20 years of Monster Hunter with a monstrous collaboration

While waiting for the arrival ofAkuma in the roster of Street Fighter 6 planned for this spring and to subsequently discover what is planned for the second year of content, Capcom launched in recent days a collaboration with one of its flagship licenses. After Exoprimal at the beginning of the year, it is therefore in the fighting game that Monster Hunter comes to celebrate its 20th anniversary. A very stylish trailer where Blanka acts as a monster facing a hunter in armor Rathalos was broadcast for the occasion.

Like with SPY×FAMILY at the start of the year, the Battle Hub was therefore decorated with elements from the games Monster Hunterincluding Rathalos And Rathian in “real” size, and background music. The mode Fighting Ground offers a tutorial allowing you to acquire the equipment Great Jaw Wyvern for our avatar. Obviously, the hub store sells for Fighter Coins And Drive Tickets other accessories taken from this universe. A Fighting Pass with premium rewards is also availableincluding a set Rathalosa head of Palicothe classic game Magic Sword: Heroic Fantasy or even a funnyHunter Dance emote.

An event Street Vote allows him since this Monday to earn 2,000 Drive Tickets by simply answering the following question: “What is your favorite weapon in Monster Hunter?” » Capcom also indicates that Kimberly And J.P. will celebrate their birthday in the coming weeks, on April 15 and May 1 respectively, allowing you to obtain training tickets and Kudos by participating in tournaments dedicated to them.

Fans of Monster Hunter will be able to find Monster Hunter Stories and its sequel Wings of Ruin next June, enough to occupy you until next year and the arrival of Monster Hunter Wildsof which we know nothing more than what has been said officially, the recent rumor relayed by some being A fake.

If you play on PC, Street Fighter 6 is sold €53.99 at Gamesplanet. On PS4 it is currently sold €34.99 per Cdiscount And 38.64 € on the side ofAmazon.

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