Street Fighter 6: two additional commentators introduced in video, several shared character themes

While waiting to officially discover the rest of the roster of street fighter 6, whose list has leaked and seems to be confirmed so far, we have to be satisfied with additional details, such as the different costumes that the characters already revealed will wear, for example. Announcements are planned during the finals of theEVO 2022But meanwhile, this is one of the new features of this episode which has already been talked about again, the real-time comments.

As you already know, Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez and Ryutaro “Aru” Noda have therefore recorded their voices to comment on our fights in English and Japanese according to the actions that we will perform, such as in tournaments, all subtitled in 13 languages . Well, they won’t be alone, since we learn that Tasty Steve and James Chen can also be heard, something to delight North American players. We discover the result in video, which rather makes you want.

  • Tasty Steve is a play-by-play sportscaster and brings his trademark hype and charisma to the game.
  • James Chen is our first Color Commentator and will provide analysis to complete the action.

Otherwise, Capcom released several excerpts from the soundtrack, the most recent being the theme of Guile, Sharpened Sonic, which unfortunately does not take off and is clearly not worth the classic. You can find on the next page those of Jamie (Mr. Top Player), Ryu (Viator), Luke (Taking Aim) and Chun Li (Not A Little Girl), as well as that of the game NOT ON THE SIDELINES.

street fighter 6 will be released in 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition otherwise still for sale on Amazon at the price of 24.99 €.

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