Strong relationship: 6 underestimated signs that you have a stable partnership

6 signs you’re in a stable relationship – even if you don’t believe it

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It’s often the small, everyday things that make a relationship really strong. If you can put a tick behind these things, you are closely connected.

Just because you don’t have a dream wedding, often disagree, and don’t win a dance competition together doesn’t mean you’re not a good match. In fact, it’s the little things that are essential for a strong partnership. Everyday things like this:

1. You think of your loved one when he/she is not with you

New York researchers found out in a survey: The more you think about the other partner when they are not there, the more love you feel for them. Sounds kind of logical, doesn’t it?

2. You have a similar sense of humor

Laughing together releases happiness hormones and strengthens the bond with one another. Especially when you have “insider” gags that no one else understands.

3. You have routines

Whether brushing your teeth together, cuddling up good night or having breakfast on Sunday: rituals bring stability to the relationship. True to the motto: I can count on that!

4. You are happy for each other

Your friend has been promoted. If you react enthusiastically and are happy, that is a sign of solidarity. Especially if you ask interested questions instead of quickly starting to tell about yourself. Scientifically proven!

5. You try new things together

Climbing, dancing, singing… in one California experiment The researchers found that couples are happiest when they do one activity together that is new to them each week. So what are you waiting for?

6. You make small sacrifices

For example, are you going to see a movie that you really don’t want to see? This shows that you really care. Jumping over your shadow for your partner is part of a strong relationship. Just to give each other happiness.


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