Styled eyebrows: This is how you get shaped, long-lasting brows

Bushy, voluminous or would you prefer natural? No matter how you would like your eyebrows: For the perfectly styled brows you only need a little helper that shapes and fixes the hairs. We have found an eyebrow soap that can conjure up countless eyebrow styles in just a few simple steps. And best of all: You can currently get the Browly soap for just 22.90 euros instead of 24.90 euros!

The most important things at a glance:

  • Brow Soap Set by Browly
  • Styles and shapes eyebrows for up to 24 hours
  • Invisible finish
  • Contains Soap Booster, Brow Brush, Face Spritz and Mirror
  • For a short time you will receive it Eyebrow soapfree shipping for only 22.90 euros instead of 24.90 euros!

Guaranteed success: with the new one "Soap-Brow" beauty trend nothing stands in the way of impressive eyebrows. The secret: Special eyebrow soap shapes the brows into the desired shape and fixes even small hairs for up to 24 hours. You don't have to be a make-up professional for this and you can do without expensive beauty treatments with a clear conscience.

Those who are not gifted with sculpted brows have to resort to other means. This is now cheaper and more effective than ever: That Brow soap set you get here for only 22.90 euros instead of 24.90 euros!

Brunette woman holds brow soap in her hand

This beauty trend conjures up countless looks with just one product

Beauty connoisseurs agree: a perfectly styled eyebrow rounds off any make-up. It is not without reason that the new "soap brow" trend is currently being hyped by bloggers and make-up artists. Because so quick and easy it has never been possible to shape, style and fill in eyebrows. With the help of the eyebrow soap, you can try out different styles as you like and shine with your brows for every occasion.

The following products await you in the Brow Soap Set:

  • Soap Booster (15g): Eyebrow soap in transparent or brew in environmentally friendly packaging
  • Brow brush and mirror
  • Face spritz (60ml): The face spray was specially developed to activate the soap and is also ideal as a primer or toner before applying the make-up.

Get the Brow Soap Set for just 22.90 euros instead of 24.90 euros. Here you get to the deal.

Perfectly styled eyebrows in just a few steps: this is how it works

First moisten the brow brush with the Face Spritz. Lather up the soap with the brush and take one thin layer of soap on. Brush the eyebrows in the shape and direction you want. For one voluminous look we recommend brushing all the hairs from the inside out and then upwards. This will give you fuller and longer brows. To fill in gaps, you can touch up with a powder or eyebrow pencil. And done! Your styled brows now hold up to 24 hours.

The eyebrow soap styles your brows without sticking them and leaves an invisible finish. Curious? You will receive the Brow Soap Set here Free shipping for only 22.90 euros instead of 24.90 euros!

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