Styling: Guido Maria Kretschmer reveals 3 trend colors that really look good on us

“When I’m pale, I’m not keen on pistachio tones”
Guido reveals 3 trend colors that really look good on us

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You can see light pastel shades everywhere – but they only flatter a few in winter. Guido Maria Kretschmer knows how to do it better. In an interview, he reveals three new trend colors for the season.

Pistachio, sage and violet have developed from flavor and scent notes to real trend colors in fashion this year. We have long been spooning the pistachio not only as ice cream, but also wearing it as a blazer. Light pastel tones accompany us into winter, adorn clothes rails and mannequins. If they dare: one or the other, however, enchanted by the soft world of colors, to wear the good piece on their own body, some meet with disillusionment. Magical or not – unfortunately, the tones do not conjure up a beautiful complexion. Instead, they often even underline our paleness.

Is that why on the tanning bed? You don’t have to shoot sparrows with cannons. Especially not when you have a designer by your side who knows what to do. In an interview with Guido Maria Kretschmer we wanted to know from him which colors are on the rise this season – and he promptly advised us against pistachio and Co. Instead, Guido brings into play what we want anyway during the cold season: warmth. And with deep tones that really do something for us.

3 new colors that really do something for you

“What comes next are all the shades of red. That can also be great in massive color combinations.”, reveals the designer, because you can work very well with the many different tones that red offers – from deep to lively.

Guido Maria Kretschmer is particularly impressed by a rich, dark red tone that is almost red wine-like: “In the collection we also named a color New Burgundy that also looks good on a lot of people.” The trend color can also be wonderfully combined – with the tones that you already have in your wardrobe. The idea of ​​sustainability also plays a role here, because burgundy harmonizes perfectly “with all the yellow saffron tones that we already have at home”. In addition to black and yellow, there is another color that Guido Maria Kretschmer surprisingly recommends for the new red: “Even green is good if the red is really deep and the brown character comes out. Then the color is also super nice for something paler Skin.”

Guido Maria Kretschmer advises nougat instead of pistachio

Speaking of green and pallor … “All those soft green tones, which I don’t find so suitable for winter. If I’m so pale myself, I’m not keen on pistachio tones,” the designer currently advises against these trends. Instead, he has two other trends ready.

I believe that the big Braun world is there too, with its nougat shadeswhich in turn can also be combined very nicely with red, “says Guido Maria Kretschmer. And it is not only around the holidays that things can be a bit sparkling this season:”Amazingly, a shade of gold is back too“Metal tones that you can also wear,” the designer recommends at the end. And these tones make us shine even without a sunbed complexion.


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