“Summer House of the Stars”: Eric and Katha’s love comeback as “people’s trolls”?

“Summer House of the Stars”
Eric and Katha’s love comeback as a “folk taunt”?

Tearful reconciliation by Eric and Katha.


After the big argument in the last episode of “Summer House of the Stars”, Eric and Katha are reconciled – to the displeasure of fellow candidates.

In the last episode of “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” the viewer experienced the separation of Eric Sindermann (34) and Katharina “Katha” Hambuechen (27) in front of the television. But in the new episode on Sunday (8:15 p.m. on RTL, also RTL+) follows the roll backwards. The reality TV “sex roll” and the financial analyst reconcile.

The morning after the big argument, Katha, still crying, really does look like the “heap of misery” she described herself as. And the most contrite Eric looked even more ridiculous than he already was with his trademark crown. But for the first game they pull themselves together.

The couples have to balance on a large seesaw and place objects on it. This requires coordination and communication. Especially with the latter, the celebrity couples of the summer house are traditionally lacking. Only Sascha (37) and Ivonne Mölders (42) master the task. The footballer and his wife are thus protected from a nomination.

Tearful reconciliation by Eric and Katha

But another couple is drawing the collective attention after the game. Eric breaks down completely. He buries his head in Katha’s lap, crying. She puts her “baby” (quote Katha) into “bed” (also Katha). There are sobbing kisses of reconciliation.

In particular, the football field faction, Sascha Mölders and Mario Basler (53), cannot cope with the emotional interplay. Or do they just have a problem with men showing their feelings? “You’re humiliating yourself,” Mario later says to Eric. Before that he speaks of “folk taunts”. Eric has definitely landed on the ex-kicker’s hit list.

“Bauer sucht Frau” candidate Patrick Romer (26) tells Eric that he has one leg out. Then he starts a charm offensive. Or a slime offensive? At least that’s how it comes across to many fellow candidates when Eric suddenly provides everyone with coffee. He apologizes to Mario Basler. Although neither he nor Mario seem to know exactly why and for what actually. Especially not the viewer.

Eric and Katha secure themselves – and are allowed to release the couple

In game two, the couples compete against each other in a sack race through a course. Eric and Katha are so inspired by the power of reconciliation that they win. The couple is thus protected from the (almost certain) nomination. But that’s not all: you can “unsafe” a couple that you already thought was safe. In addition to Sascha and Ivonne, Cosimo Citiolo (40) and Nathalie Gaus (31), as well as Patrick and Antonia Hemmer (22) have to tremble. The reunited dream couple Eric/Katha chooses Sascha and Ivonne. After that, Eric and Sascha clash. Eric refers to Sascha as his partner’s “puppy”. He freaks out and breaks off all contact with Eric. Affected pooches barking? At least that’s what Eric and Katha believe.

Puppy Sascha and Mistress Ivonna are up for (out) choice. But they are not in danger. Stephen (48) and Katharina Dürr (39) unite all voices. Stephen generously gives his own vote to Kader Loth (49) and Isi Atli (51). As “motivation” for the next tasks. But then the surprise: Stephen and Katharina don’t have to move out yet, but can compete in an “exit challenge” in the next episode. Against the couple with the second most negative votes. And that’s Kader and Isi, thanks to Stephen’s motivational voice. Who are rated as the weakest couple by everyone in the house – including by themselves, by the way. Kader senses a strategic move by Stephen, but the ex-“Unter Uns” star assures that he did not expect an “exit challenge”. So it remains exciting.


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