Summer vacation 2024: These European travel destinations are cheaper than you think

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5 amazing travel destinations in Europe that are cheaper than you think!

Cala Ratjada in Mallorca

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We already knew that Eastern Europe is generally cheap to travel. But also classic favorite countries like Spain? Yes, exactly, the dream island of Mallorca is also cheaper than expected!

Summer is here and everyone wants to travel. But not only life in this country, vacations have also become more expensive – from flights to accommodation to rental cars. There is also Destinations that buck the trend and are even cheaper than before the pandemic.

According to an analysis by the online travel company “Skyscanner”, this counts Mallorca too. The French website “”, which compared the cost of living worldwide, comes to a similar conclusion.

5 great travel destinations that are cheaper than you think

1. Spain

Only the hotels in Spain are, on average, slightly more expensive than in Germany. That’s what the cost of living in our favorite holiday destination is for 19 percent lower than here. But it depends on where in Spain you spend your vacation. Compared to other countries, the most expensive places are on the Canary Islands of Fuerteventura (plus 37 percent) and in Marbella on the Costa del Sol (plus 27 percent). Holidays in Mallorca (minus 3 percent) and in Andalusia (minus 4 percent) are cheaper than the national average.

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2. Portugal

It is in neighboring Portugal Price levels are even 24 percent lower than in Germany. Restaurants, groceries, shopping and transport are particularly cheap. Still well below the average price level Portimao in the Algarve (15 percent cheaper); the great city postage is exactly in line with the national average.

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3. Croatia

In Croatia, with its long Mediterranean coast, islands, national parks and cultural treasures, life is 22 percent cheaper than in Germany. This doesn’t apply to hotels, but it applies to almost everything else.

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4. Slovenia

In Slovenia, food is sometimes a little more expensive than in Germany, but everything else is significantly cheaper. On average, living here is 18 percent cheaper than at home. The small country between Italy and Croatia is so ideal that you can swim in the Adriatic one day and hike in the Alps the next.

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5. Albania

We already knew that Albania was a cheap travel destination for us. But so much cheaper? The cost of living there is 42 percent lower than in Germany. And with the spectacular Albanian Alps and the Albanian Riviera, everyone will find happiness here.

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Tip: What will quickly blow up the travel budget this summer are these Costs for the Rental car, which have increased dramatically in almost all holiday destinations. So if you travel in your own car or camper van, you can save a lot of money (despite the high fuel prices). This will also help you avoid the current chaos at the airports.


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