Summer vacation: 5 travel tips from ADAC that save money

summer vacation
5 travel tips from ADAC that save money

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After travel was marked by uncertainties and restrictions in the last three years, the Germans’ desire to travel is now noticeably increasing again. Despite the adverse circumstances – Ukraine war, inflation and energy crisis – many are planning a longer vacation trip again, even if they have to go deeper into the have to grab a bag. The ADAC has a few tips ready to help you get the best out of it.

Even if savings have to be made everywhere at the moment, when it comes to holidays, people don’t want to go without. “Holidays have apparently become more important after the restrictions imposed by Corona. When prices rise, people tend to forgo other areas of life and not vacations,” explains Marcel Taubert, head of travel sales at ADAC Nordbayern. Many hotels are already well booked in the popular holiday resorts. We’ll probably be on the lookout for bargains this year for nothing, but the ADAC still has a few tips ready that we can use to save a few euros.

1. Book early instead of last minute

Similar to last year, no last-minute bargains can be expected this summer, especially during the school holidays. Many hotels in the popular holiday resorts are already well booked. It is not yet possible to say whether it could be cheaper outside of the season, as this would depend above all on how the cost of living develops and whether there is a drop in travel bookings, explains Taubert. Due to the current high demand from families who want to travel and other people looking for relaxation, the ADAC clearly recommends taking advantage of early bird offers instead of hoping for last-minute offers.

2. Travel cancellation insurance instead of the Flex option

Regardless of Corona, it makes sense to protect against short-term cancellations. In addition to the classic travel cancellation insurance, many travel providers now also offer so-called flex options, with which the trip can be rebooked free of charge 15 to 29 days before departure, depending on the provider. However, the ADAC still recommends choosing travel cancellation insurance, as there are gaps in coverage with the flex options before the trip, but also if the vacation has to be cut short.

3. Better to be close than far away

Anyone who wants to save is setting goals this year that can be reached by car. For example within Germany or on the Adriatic coast. Croatia in particular is very popular with families this year.

4. Determine travel budget

To ensure that the holiday does not end up being more expensive than planned, it helps to set a travel budget at the beginning that should not be exceeded. You can also do this for the holiday itself. Or you can book an all-inclusive holiday directly, because these offers cover all holiday expenses. In this way, travelers can calculate in advance and avoid unwanted additional costs.

5. Camping comeback continues

The camping trend, which was resurrected during the pandemic, continues. This is particularly evident in the fact that the contingents of campsites are booked up much faster, especially during the summer holidays, of course. Therefore, the following also applies here: it is better to book early instead of having to take the most expensive one at the end.



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