Superprofits: the Twenty-Seven are working on a mechanism targeting energy companies

“The idea is not necessarily to recover all this margin, but to recover part of it”Laurence Boone, Secretary of State for European Affairs, explained on Tuesday. JANINE SCHMITZ/dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP

The idea of ​​a levy on excess profits, linked to the gas price ceiling, is mentioned.

In Brussels

The idea of ​​taxing the “superprofits” of energy companies at European level is gaining ground. Several countries have already adopted it, such as Italy, from last spring, Spain, Greece or Romania as well as, outside the European Union, the United Kingdom. As for Germany, it has accepted the principle in its latest household support plan of 65 billion euros announced on Sunday. Chancellor Olaf Scholz justified the need to redistribute the “many billions” profits of energy companies. After their videoconference with Emmanuel Macron on Monday, the Franco-German couple pushes the matter into the hands of the Twenty-Seven, whose energy ministers meet on Friday for an exceptional summit.

For France, this allows Brussels to pass on the hot potato of an increasingly charged debate in internal politics. “It’s the right solution: a market mechanism that provides that when prices are soaring and energy companies are full of it…

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