Swaddling: More closeness and intimacy during sex

More closeness and intimacy during sex

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Swaddling is not a fancy sex position, but promises a lot of closeness, especially after sex. You can find out what’s behind this in this article.

Anyone expecting an exotic sex position is wrong with swaddling. But if you want more closeness and togetherness in bed, you might rave about swaddling. Swaddling means something like in English “Wrap up”. While the word comes up mainly for changing babies’ clothes, who feel closeness through warm towels, erotic swaddling is about getting yourself security through physical closeness to give.

Swadddling describes that Lingering in a sexual position for hours to relax. This practice is particularly useful for falling asleep together after sex. Of course, the penis doesn’t stay erect all the time, but that’s not the goal either. The goal is that to feel physical closeness and just relax and not move. The spoon position is particularly suitable for this. However, the woman can also lie on the partner. It is important that the position is comfortable for both of you to stay longer.

It is important to pay attention to this when swaddling

While with the spoon position there is the “danger” that the penis will slip out of the woman’s vagina with slight movements, it can be permanent with positions on top of each other too uncomfortable become.

It is important to note that a Slipping off condom and can get stuck in the vagina. This can not only lead to an unwanted pregnancy, but also to infections. So swaddling is with a trusted partner and other ways of contraception to prefer. However, keeping the penis in the vagina for a long time can also increase the risk Sexually transmitted diseases or inflammation increase. So if you are susceptible to it per se, you should better avoid swaddling.

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