Sword of Convallaria: gameplay, release period and console versions for the RPG between Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem

XD Games finally give news Sword of Convallaria, its long-awaited tactical role-playing game on computers and mobiles. The title offered today a new small trailer of gameplayto discover above, and the developers indicate above all that THE T-RPG will be launched at the end of the year on PC, iOS and Android.

Sword of Convallaria will take us into the world ofIria, a mineral-rich region that attracts dangerous factions. As the tension is at its height in the city, the player will have to recruit companions at the tavern and engage in turn-based tactical combat, while following a story rich in choices that can evolve the relationships between the characters and unlock many alternative endings. The graphic style is obviously retro, with NeoPixela mixture between pixel art traditional and modern 3D effects. Hitoshi Sakimoto, composer of the soundtracks of Final Fantasy Tactics, FF XII and Tactics Ogre, is also working on the music of Sword of Convallariawhile the voice cast will be provided by more than 40 actors specializing in animation and video games, such as Inoue Kazuhiko, Yuki Aoi and Eguchi Takuya.

Yasumi Matsuno, director and producer of FF Tactics And Ogre Tacticshad also recognized the musical talents of his friend Hitoshi Sakimoto and showed interest for this Tactical RPG when it was announced, enough to reassure fans of the genre. Sword of Convallaria is expected at the end of 2023 on PC, iOS and Android, pre-registrations are launched on mobiles, but XD Games announces that ports for Nintendo Switch and playstation are already being considered. From here you can find Tactics Ogre: Reborn has €38.99 on Amazon.

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