Sylvie Meis: So she celebrated her bachelorette party

Soon Sylvie Meis marries for the second time. On Saturday she celebrated the obligatory hen party with friends.

Sylvie Meis (42) and her fiance Niclas Castello (41) want to say yes this year. On Saturday, she wore her veil rehearsal at her bachelorette party – in combination with a skimpy white bikini. Pretty sexy! This also means that the wedding can no longer be too far away. The original date has been postponed because of Corona – now the two of them want to swear eternal loyalty in Italy in September.

The Dutchwoman spent the weekend with four friends in the Weissenhaus, a luxury hotel north of Hamburg. It went there – very clichéd – in a pink limousine. "Bild" said the bride in particular: "We had a wonderful weekend in my favorite spa hotel. The girls kidnapped me in a pink stretch limo and we enjoyed every moment to the full." On Instagram, Meis posted a thank you in train and bikini as well as a group photo of her friends: "A big thank you to my girls for an unforgettable hen party."

Sylvie Meis: "It was wilder than last time"

Among the participants were best-age model Petra van Bremen and stylist Serena Goldenbaum. What had the friends planned for Sylvie? "It was wilder than last time. Unfortunately, the mandatory stripper was missing. The girls had previously coordinated with my fiance and it was unfortunately decided against. There was a golden penis cake for that," says Meis "Bild". Then they played "truth or duty" until midnight and went to bed well.