Sylvie Tellier’s half-sister confides in breastfeeding, “It was not obvious”

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Like any mother, Delphine Tellier, half-sister of Sylvie Tellier, has many questions about motherhood, especially about breastfeeding. A subject on which she confided in her subscribers.

Ah, motherhood… Lots of love but also apprehension and questioning. Delphine, half-sister of Sylvie Tellier, wished to confide in her subscribers on her Instagram account this Monday, November 7. Jean-Pascal Lacoste’s wife likes to interact with her community and provide advice related to her life as a mother.

Became a mother on June 6, 2022 of a little Ainhoa, the wife of the former star academician forms with her husband and her daughter a pretty little family. Very close to her subscribers, the young woman is used to confiding a lot, and this is the topic of breastfeeding which she dealt with on Monday 7 November.

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Delphine Tellier “I lived magical moments”

The pretty brunette did not hesitate to speak with her heart and spoke of her doubts and apprehensions, without filter. It is in the caption that accompanies a pretty photo of her breastfeeding her daughter that Delphine started: Breastfeeding was not obvious to me. I had a priori and I was considering giving the bottle. It was during my pregnancy that this choice was affirmed, when I learned all the benefits that breast milk could bring to my daughter.she explained, before continuing: “Today, I’m even happier to have changed my mind because as I said in the interview with @natalys_paris, in addition to the benefits, I experienced magical and indescribable moments.”she delivered.

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The young woman then spoke of the beginnings of breastfeeding, which were not always easy according to her: “However, the beginnings were not easy! The latch was difficult, and despite the efforts of the midwives nothing worked. I was in pain, I was tired, discouraged, I cried at the thought of not being able to breastfeed my daughter, I even called @jp.lacoste crying to ask her if I would be a bad mother if I I couldn’t breastfeed her. And finally, by dint of perseverance, and thanks to the advice of a lactation consultant, I left with a smile!she said before concluding on a piece of advice for future mothers: My advice for expectant mothers : don’t hesitate to ask for help from the maternity ward (even at night, even if it’s 4am… press this button!), and don’t give up. Positioning can change everything! Un breastfeeding is tiring, it can hurt.. I had pain! But it’s such a moment of sharing that I love… that at 5 months, Ainhoa ​​is still breastfed!”

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