Sylvie Vartan, dropped by Johnny Hallyday because of Catherine Deneuve? Her cash response: Current Woman The MAG


"Reality is much more beautiful than embroidered fiction", threw Sylvie Vartan on his Instagram account, Saturday June 6, 2020. Who could have turned Johnny Hallyday's ex-wife into a ball? The publication of the book Lady Lucille would have set fire to the powder. A book by Gilles Lhote which retraces the tumultuous history between the taulier du rock and Catherine Deneuve. According to the author, Catherine Deneuve would have joined Johnny Hallyday in Japan in 1978, when he had just separated from Sylvie Vartan. A crispy passage that inspired Paris Match on June 4: "Catherine and Johnny seem closer than ever, while Sylvie can no longer hide her dismay."

Sylvie Vartan tackles "stories worthy of an embroidery contest"

For Sylvie Vartan, this is too much. Stung in the heart by this excerpt, Darina's mom wanted to restore the truth via her Instagram account: "According to recent wacky tales worthy of an embroidery or science fiction contest, it seems that at the time these photos were taken in Japan in 1978, I was in a state of" helplessness "and separated from Johnny moreover ", she began, below three black and white photos of Johnny Hallyday, Catherine Deneuve and herself around a table. "It's funny, I absolutely do not have the same look on this period (…) No disarray nor separation, therefore, but just the pleasure and the joy of sharing a happy moment with people who were dear to me ", she corrected.


But Sylvie Vartan, and the outspokenness that we know, did not stop there. Ulcerated to see her story flouted once again, she concluded this long monologue on Instagram with pungent words straight to the press: "I know very well that, sometimes, for lowly mercantile reasons, prefer fiction to reality. Not me, especially when reality is much more beautiful than any embroidered fiction – or even sold out – without my knowledge." If you go looking for trouble you'll find it.

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