“Take a minute off there!”, Philippe Etchebest panics in the face of competition during the black box

This Wednesday, April 17, a new episode of Top Chef is broadcast on M6. During the latter, the two weakest candidates from the competing brigades must compete in the black box test to be decided. Given the speed of the candidates opposite, Philippe Etchebest began to panic during the test.

A new episode of Top Chef was served on a plate to M6 viewers this Wednesday, April 17. Fans of the program are delighted since it is the special episode of the black box test. A must-see of the show, which aficionados are happy to find each season. During this, the candidates must compete by tasting a dish blindly, and finding different techniques performed, ingredients used, etc.

This Wednesday, the level was even tougher since it was a double MOF (best worker in France), who made the mystery dish. Three different techniques had to be identified by the candidates and opponents: that of fine stuffing, soufflé apple and icing. For both brigades, only two same techniques were found on the first pass. The key is to execute them perfectly, so that the two brigades can then be separated.

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Chef Philippe Etchebest became afraid of the competition

It was Shirley and Marie who were respectively at the bottom of the ranking of their brigade, and who therefore had to compete in the black box test. They are obviously not alone in having to find the mystery dish, nor to cook since the two penultimate candidates as well as two of the three chefs in their brigade are there to help them.

On the side of the orange brigade, to which Shirley belongs, the ingredients and techniques were found quite easily by Shirley and Jorick. The orange candidate also very scared Philippe Etchebest, who is part of the opposing brigade, the gray brigade. While he was alongside two chefs in the viewing room to see everything that was happening live, in the black box, the chef, for once, did not show off too much. In fact, Jorick was moving so quickly that he begged production: “Take a minute off there!”. Obviously, this was said in a tone of humor, given the efficiency of the opposing brigade. Philippe Etchebest subsequently deplored the fact that Jorick was not part of his brigade.

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A 100% female duel this season on the black box test

It was therefore Shirley and Marie who found themselves adversaries in this emblematic event of Top Chef. A fact that undermined them both. In fact, the two expressed their dissatisfaction off the record, given that they like each other: I’m super sad, on the one hand delivered Shirley. While Marie expressed herself a little more vividly: It pisses me off to run into hershe delivered.

In any case, the two candidates had to compete with the help of their comrades and two of their brigade leader. They respectively decided to give their all to stand out from Guy Krenzer, double Meilleur Ouvrier de France. A 100% female duel, which echoes this season of change, given that a brigade led by three great female chefs was created this season by production.


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