Tanja Szewczenko gives an emotional breastfeeding update from the puerperium

Tanja Szewczenko
Pure exhaustion! Honest breastfeeding update from the puerperium

Tanja Szewczenko

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Tanja Szewczenko has been at home with her twin boys for a few days, and now she is giving a wonderfully honest update from the puerperium. And the exhaustion can be seen in all three.

Exhaustion, tiredness, insomnia, but also infinite love and happiness – Tanja Szewczenko, 43, is currently going through a rollercoaster of emotions. On Instagram, the former “Alles was geht” actress keeps her followers up to date on life as a new twin mother. And she makes no secret of the fact that it can be quite exhausting at times.

Tanja Szewczenko on the verge of exhaustion

Breastfeeding makes me tired and drinking makes boys tired!

Tanja Szewczenko is now in touch with her fans with this honest update. And the picture is just wonderful. Mum as well as Louis and Leo are slumbering deeply, snuggled up in blankets and pillows. The scene looks peaceful, but the moment of calm should not last long, after all, the two twin boys want to be looked after around the clock. And that is a mammoth task, as Tanja writes wonderfully honestly in the text about the cute picture.

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“The two of them are not yet able to get full just by breastfeeding! As premature babies they are quickly exhausted. They are great to put on, but also fall asleep very quickly … patience is required here”, Tanja explains her current situation.

Living with two premature babies – feed, sleep, feed, sleep

Her life currently consists of little more than feeding and sleeping, writes the 43-year-old. How much she sucks can be seen in the photo. And yet: the boys are their greatest pride. After all, Tanja and her husband Norman had fought for a long time to be allowed to become parents again.

Fans love Tanja’s honesty

Tanja Szewczenko regularly informed her 227,000 Instagram followers about the course of her pregnancy. The fans especially celebrated the honesty of the current triple mom. Especially her photo, which she took two weeks after the birth, on which a clear tummy can still be seen, was well received by the network community. Because not every woman is slender right after giving birth, neither is Tanja. And she makes no secret of it. At the moment there are simply more important things in her life. Every after-baby body is perfect – whether it is still rounded or slim and slim.

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