Tanks for Kyiv, special assets: Greens support the traffic light’s war course

Tanks for Kyiv, special fund
Greens support traffic light war course

The Greens approve of the traffic light government’s decisions to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons and to increase the number of armed forces. An amendment by the Green Youth to the special fund does not find a majority. Previously, Baerbock passionately promoted responsible politics in times of war.

The Greens advocate the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine and support the federal government’s planned special fund to equip the Bundeswehr. The planned special fund includes “a speedy evaluation and reform of the procurement system of the Bundeswehr,” according to a decision made at the state council of the Greens in Düsseldorf. The “deepening of European cooperation, also in procurement and armament cooperation, cyber security” is also mentioned as a goal.

An amendment by the Green Youth, which is critical of the special fund, did not find a majority. The draft had said that there had to be “a reform of the procurement system and a needs-based determination of necessary military expenditure” before additional funds flow into the Bundeswehr. The planned special fund will not help Ukraine at all in the current war, said Green Youth leader Timon Dzienus, explaining the attitude of the party’s youngsters. The Bundeswehr budget is already increasing by billions every year. But the problems with the Bundeswehr remained. Green leader Omid Nouripour replied that of course the procurement system should first be reformed in order to ensure an end to the burning of money.

As the governing party, the Greens “oppose the aggression of the Russian regime with all determination,” the resolution passed by the state council continues. This is done “through help, taking in vulnerable people and diplomacy, but also through quick and consistent sanctions, support with effective, heavy and complex weapons”. The Greens expressly support the “ring swap” of heavy weapons with partner countries as well as “constant checks as to whether further weapons can be handed over”. Germany must also play an “active, responsible role within the EU states, NATO and the world community”. “It’s about containing the consequences of the war and doing our part to end it,” the decision said.

Baerbock: “Grateful that the Greens don’t duck away”

Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock had previously appealed to her party to support the path taken by the federal government to support Ukraine and equip the Bundeswehr. “In these moments, when the unimaginable has become bitter reality, we bear responsibility and have to make decisions that we could not have imagined before,” she said in a video contribution for the state council.

Because it is “about our peace project Europe,” said Baerbock. She is grateful that the Greens are willing to take responsibility and don’t duck away. At the same time, Baerbock pointed out limits and gave a clear rejection of the establishment of a no-fly zone over Ukraine. “As much as it breaks your heart – we have to keep a cool head,” said the Federal Foreign Minister. Because there is also the responsibility “that this war does not become a war in all of Europe”.

Baerbock not only defended the planned delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine, but also the planned special fund for better equipment for the Bundeswehr. The Greens have not discussed anything like this before. “But as the world changes, our political responses must also change,” she said.

Party leader Nouripour also defended the Greens’ course of agreeing to the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine. The war is forcing people to do things that were unimaginable a few weeks ago, he said at the state council. “We will always remain a peace party,” said Nouripour with conviction. At the same time, “as the ruling party, we are looking reality in the face,” he said, justifying the party leadership’s course.

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