Taylor Swift: She shares this record with Whitney Houston

Taylor Swift is on the road to success with her surprise album. Now she even caught up with Whitney Houston.

Taylor Swift (30) breaks further records with her album "Folklore". Since the surprising publication on July 24th, the US magazine "Billboard" has regularly reported new records that the "Shake it Off" singer has set with her eighth work. Now she has drawn level with Whitney Houston (1963-2012) as a female artist for most consecutive weeks at number one on the US "Billboard 200 Charts".

Probably the most melancholy work of the 30-year-olds was created completely in self-isolation during the corona pandemic. On the first day after its release, fans streamed the album a total of 80.6 million times on Spotify. No artist has achieved this before. "Folklore" has now been number one on the US "Billboard" album charts for six weeks in a row.

Taylor Swift and Whitney Houston had the most successful albums of all time

Adding together the successes of her seven previous albums, Taylor Swift has been at the top of the chart for a total of 46 weeks. Whitney Houston was the first female artist to hit this record. The undisputed number one, however, remain the Beatles with a total of 132 weeks at the top. However, they also needed 19 albums for this remarkable record.