Teachers’ strike: Batho demands authorization for the Parisian demonstration

Delphine Batho, spokesperson for the environmental candidate for the presidential Yannick Jadot, demanded on Wednesday that the Parisian demonstration be authorized on Thursday by teachers, banned by the Paris prefecture because declared “out of timeaccording to the authorities. “I’ve never seen that (…) I’ve never seen a story of a delay on an authorization for a demonstration when there is a social movement“, underlined the former minister on Radio J, recalling that”in a democracy there is freedom to demonstrate“.

That is why “we ask that the teachers, the school community, be able to express what they have to say. There’s no reason this event should be banned.“. The president of the LFI group in the Assembly, Mathilde Panot, accused in a tweet “Prefect Lallement» of «throw oil on the fire by banning Thursday’s education demonstration“. “Governing against the people: the only method of Macronie“, she criticized.

The Parisian demonstration of several teachers’ unions to demand “strong answers” facing “chaos“Generated by the health protocol when classes resumed in early January was prohibited by the Paris police headquarters, the declaration having been made”out of time“, we learned Tuesday from concordant sources. “The prefect of police (…) did not ban the demonstration“but could not”issue a receipt” to organizers whose prior declaration has not been filed within “legal deadlines“, namely more than three days before the day of mobilization, according to the internal security code, underlined the prefecture in a press release.

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