Team Ninja Announces Rise of the Ronin

Taking advantage of last night’s State of Play, Team Ninja unveils its next action-adventure game Rise of the Ronin. Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the title will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. However, it will be necessary to be patient since it is not announced before 2024.

Rise of the Ronin takes us to the heart of Japan in 1863. In the shoes of a Ronin, we are immersed in an open world at the very end of the Edo period, a phase of great change often called Bakumatsu. As Japan grapples with growing Western influence, civil war continues to rage between the Tokugawa shogunate and rebel factions.

As a Ronin, ie a samurai who is not bound to any master, you will be free to make your own choices in this conflict. If of course, the mastery of the katana will have no secrets for you, it will be possible to vary the pleasures with, for example, the use of firearms.

Team Ninja here seems to want to immerse players in this historical period of Japan while remaining as authentic as possible. And this, even in the darkest chapters of its history. The characters you will meet throughout the adventure will each have their own notions of justice as well as their own motivations. Every decision you make about them will matter, further enhancing the authenticity of the interactions.

Rise of the Ronin Trailer

Features of Rise of the Ronin

DeveloperTeam Ninja
EditorSony Interactive Entertainment
French release date2024
GenderAction, Adventure
WebsiteOfficial site
Languages ​​availableUnknown
Starting priceUnknown

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