Telefónica: validates a proof of concept with Ericsson

( – Ericsson announces that it has defined and tested with its partner Telefónica a ‘unique in the world, simple and on-demand’ process, allowing consumers to discover the real benefits of a high-end 5G network connection with features improved performance taking advantage of network slicing.

According to Ericsson, this proof of concept (PoC) represents ‘a new era of innovation’ for the consumer experience and was tested at the 5TONIC Lab in Madrid, Spain.

This technology will allow subscribers to enhance the service on their devices through limited-time, on-demand premium subscriptions delivered through a dedicated slice of the network provided by Telefonica.

The technology involved will enable Telefonica to offer targeted and premium slicing packages to its subscribers.

This successful test marks the latest milestone in Ericsson and Telefónica’s long-standing and ongoing network slicing journey that began in 2021.

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