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Singer and pianist Daniel Lévi died on Saturday August 6 as a result of his cancer. Aged 60, Daniel Lévi fought for several years against colon cancer.

The singer’s relatives shared the sad news: Daniel Lévi died on Saturday August 6 at the age of 60. A colossal loss for the world of French song and musicals. In 2000, Pascal Obispo and Elie Chouraqui propelled him to the front of the stage by offering him the role of Moïse, in the musical The 10 Commandments. Success is there and Daniel Lévi launches his career. For those who were born in Constantine in Algeria, it is the consecration, the singer released his first album in 2003, Here and now. But the success is not there. For his fourth album, Daniel Lévi will reunite with his friend Pascal Obispo. An album that makes him reconnect with his audience.

For nearly 10 years, the artist was absent from the charts and concert halls, then returned in 2017 with an eponymous album. In 2019, he reveals to be in the process of fight against colon cancer. On August 4, 2022, his wife Sandrine Aboukrat gave not very reassuring news about his state of health. As he entered a trial phase of a new treatment protocol, Daniel Lévi’s condition deteriorated. She then called on the singer’s fans to pray for him, explaining that his “time is running out“.

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Daniel Lévi leaves behind a baby of a few weeks

Daniel Lévi had a life filled with love and children. Dad twice with his previous partner, Laure, of a son named Rephael and a daughter Rivka. He is also the father of a man named Abel, son of a former union. In October 2018, he married Sandrine Aboukrat, his partner for two years. The two lovers say to each other “Yes” in Marseille. Ln July 15, 2022, the couple announced the birth of their daughterthe singer’s fourth child.

Daniel Lévi will leave a great void in the hearts of his loved ones and his fans.

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