Tesla AI Day: discover the humanoid robot Optimus presented by Elon Musk

Elon Musk once again made the show on the occasion of Tesla AI Day on Friday September 30, 2022, an event which aims to highlight the advances of the manufacturer of electric vehicles in terms of artificial intelligence. And he had a nice surprise with him: two prototypes of the humanoid robot Optimus that he intends to produce in very large quantities to “transform civilization”, quite simply.

If the first version arrived while walking, while waving, the second version of Optimus, more advanced, was deposited by employees of the group, the latter not yet managing to move. Elon Musk acknowledged that other more sophisticated robots exist, but “they lack a brain and they don’t have the intelligence to move by themselves (…) And they are very expensive”, has he added. Because the American billionaire intends to launch a robot whose cost will be around 20,000 dollars within three to five years and will be produced in millions of units.

Elon Musk took the opportunity to give his vision of the next world: “It means a future of abundance, a future where there is no poverty, where people will have what they want in terms of products and services. “.
The Optimus robot will be tested in the group’s Californian factory. In the video, he is seen picking up and putting down a package, also grabbing a watering can to water the plants.

Discover the humanoid robot Optimus in the video below from 17’20 and the 2nd robot at 21’40:

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