TEST of the Ultimate VR Gun handles: take VR in your hands!

After having been able to test the very good Ultimate VR Gun and Tiny +two replica weapons (read our file on how to choose the right replica) printed in 3D (PETG), we were able to get our hands on the handles Pistol Grip and Golf Club Grip in order to get back to you.

Regardless of brand accessories, 3D printing is pretty sturdy.

The handling of Oculus Touch, although pleasant, sometimes lacks maintenance. The plastic is quite slippery and the controllers can feel small in larger hands. To overcome this problem, it is possible to buy ergonomic and non-slip handles, offering a much better grip, while being protected. We recently tested the Controller Knuckle Grips from home KIWI Design and found our account there. However, although these accessories are extremely well thought out, they are not suitable for all situations. Just like paddling in Phantom: Covert Opsplay golf or table tennis with the Touch doesn’t always make the experience feel natural. This is why some props designers set themselves the goal of making our understanding of the world VR more tangible and physical.

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The Pistol Grip are presented in the form of cases in textured plastic in which the controllers slide perfectly. They conform to the shape of the hand for a more realistic fit, while adding a few extra grams. These grips will not improve your scores in the FPSbut have the merit of offering a better support, in addition to being rather aesthetic and larger than the Touch. The sensations involved are there, the impression of holding a gun is present.

The Golf Club Gripas far as they are concerned, come to change the way you play golf. It is true that holding the controllers of the Quest one-handed when we’re about to swing doesn’t look great. The handles offered here are again in 3D printed plastic, but bear the logo of The Punisher wearing a virtual reality headset. Even if you don’t notice it in game, this little aesthetic touch is a pleasure to see, just like on the gunstocks of the brand. The controllers also slip into the case, but are then held by a velcro strap to avoid possible accidents on the green. The outfit is good if the scratch is well attached.

Once in play, the Golf Club Grip makes sense. Even though we found the handle a bit short in our hands (a larger version is in preparation), it is true that we have rediscovered the discipline of golf. The grip is much more naturalwhether with one or two hands, the movements are more polished and it is clearly felt in game. Aiming next to the hole is no longer allowed when we are equipped with this kind of accessory. Whether on Walkabout Mini Golf or Golf 5, we saw the difference. However, consider properly adjust the tilt of your virtual hand in the game menus to see nothing but fire.

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The Pistol Grip and Golf Club Grip are offered at around fifteen euros each (sold with a small bag of sweets Haribo) and seduced us. Even if they are not essential for everyone, we fell in love with the Golf Club Gripso much the difference in play is felt. To finish, the website Ultimate VR Gun regularly offers discountsbut if you don’t want to wait, you can use the promo code GAMERGEN.


  • Robustness
  • Getting started
  • Design
  • We feel like we’re really playing golf or holding a gun

The lessers

  • Golf club grip may feel a bit short for very large hands

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