Thales: a flight simulator for H225 at the China Sky-Wings training center in Shanghai

Photo credit © Airbus / Anthony Pecchi

( — Thales and Simaero have signed a contract that will allow Simaero’s technical teams to relocate a Full Flight Reality H Level D simulator for H225 helicopters to the China Sky-Wings training center in Shanghai. Thales Reality H is one of the most advanced commercial helicopter simulators in the world.

In addition to the overall improvement in safety, training and simulation increase fleet availability, reduce costs and reduce carbon emissions. With this new Reality H simulator for the H225 helicopter, Chinese pilots will benefit locally from the highest level of training, implementing in an immersive virtual environment the most demanding scenarios in terms of mission, with a wide range of weather conditions.

The Thales Reality H simulator has been designed to meet the needs of helicopter operators, maximizing training capabilities and availability, and offering great ease of installation, operation and maintenance. Certified at the highest level (Level D) by international authorities, Reality H has been operational for more than 7 years on 5 continents. Designed and developed by Thales, this simulator will be the second to be operated in China, after the Full Flight EC135T2 Level D simulator, currently based at HAITE.

Remember that Simaero has been deploying its activities in China since 2021, with multiple engineering projects for Chinese customers, including the China Sky-Wings aviation school, which has already placed its trust in Simaero in 2022 to relocate a simulator. FullFlight.


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