That’s it, “Une Nanny d’enfer” is back


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“Une Nanny d’enfer”, the cult series of the 90s, is back in the spotlight! Fran Drescher has made big announcements for this comeback with a bang …

A nanny from hell has occupied the evenings of several generations. And good news: the character of Fran Fine is back soon! After having teased for a long time on a giant project and very exciting for the fans, Fran Drescher, the star actress of the series, announced her return in a new form. Indeed, far from the small screen, A Nanny from Hell will be embodied in flesh and blood in a musical, on the mythical stages of a Broadway theater. The cast is not yet revealed, but tickets are expected to go on sale in early 2022.

The actress Fran Drescher gave an interview Monday August 16 to the magazine Télé Star and confides her enthusiasm: “The songs are fabulous, I’m very happy. Rachel Bloom, from the series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, writes the lyrics and the music. “ The star of the series ensures that all the atmosphere and humor that made it successful are there. Unfortunately for the more impatient, there is no sequel planned on television. All the episodes are nevertheless available on the Salto platform. To see the cast assembled in our time, go to YouTube, where the comedians and actresses made a reboot in video during the containment of the pilot episode of the series!

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Fran Fine, green and actress for the common good

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Already independent and hilarious woman in the 90s, what would have become of the character of this nanny from hell in the 21st century? In 2018, Fran Drescher said about the supposed evolution of his role: “She would definitely be involved in more things than I. All kinds of things, from environmental issues to health to civil liberties, this is what she would be doing, in my opinion: open her big mouth to the common good. ” The lead actress is a producer herself, has since held many other roles and has overcome cancer. From Drescher to Fine, we find the same incredible energy, which we hope for in this musical.

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