The 3 pieces of news you shouldn’t miss this week: the images of Road House beat down, two new series from Harlan Coben and Halle Berry deprived of Netflix

What are the three news stories from streaming platforms that should not be missed under any circumstances this week?

The first images of the Road House remake!

A film much appreciated by those nostalgic for the eighties and nineties, Road House with Patrick Swayze is also entitled to its remake – the trailer for which was revealed this week. Directed by Doug Liman (Jumper, Edge of Tomorrow), this new version sees Jake Gyllenhaal break heads and arms to protect a bar being rowdy by an increasingly violent clientele. On the menu, some fairly expected ingredients: fighting, explosions and some well-intentioned lines.

This new Road House is also being talked about for its director who is boycotting the premiere of the film as a sign of protest against the Prime Video platform. The latter broadcasts the film – on March 21 – and refuses to release it in cinemas, which Doug Liman and the film team do not seem to accept. “Amazon asked me to trust them and believe in their desire to support cinemas and they are turning around. They use Road House to sell plumbing fixtures.”says the angry director in his statement.

New Harlan Coben series are in the works

Notice to fans of the author, his raid on Netflix is ​​not over! It’s simple, as soon as the author adapts one of his books into a series, it’s a new hit. This is the case, very recently, of Double Trap which took first place in the Netflix platform rankings for several weeks. Harlan Coben, who has signed a contract for 14 adaptations with the streaming giant, has revealed that two new productions are in development.

The first will be in Poland. This is a new adaptation of his book Just a look, already transposed to the screen in France, on TF1, with Virginie Ledoyen in the main role. The second adaptation remains unknown but will take place in South America. Still a little patience.

Netflix cancels a movie with Halle Berry and… it’s already filmed

Hard blow for Halle Berry and her film The Mothership. This science fiction project, directed by Matt Charman and already filmed since 2021, has just been simply canceled by Netflix. Among the reasons given, “a number of post-production delays“. It is now considered a total loss for tax purposes.

This is not the first time a similar incident has occurred. During the summer of 2022, the Warner studio caused a scandal by canceling the release of its blockbuster Batgirl while it was in full editing. Still on Warner’s side, the same scenario occurred again with the films Coyote vs. Acme and Scoob: Holiday Haunt. For the moment, there is no information specifying whether the feature film with Halle Berry could be purchased by another platform.

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