The anti Bitcoin Peter Schiff on Ordinals: joke or stroke of genius?

NFTs pay off – The investor and “ gold bug » Peter Schiff reminds us regularly how much he loves gold but hates bitcoin (BTC). However, this time he has chosen a very original (and unusual for him) way of to promote of its precious golden metal. The millionaire has, in fact, issued a series of NFT on its worst enemy, the Bitcoin network, via the protocol Ordinals.

Anti-crypto Peter Schiff offers his own NFTs on Bitcoin

We cannot take away from him that this audacious move has surprised the entire cryptosphere. On May 26, 2023, the fervent supporter of gold that is Peter Schiff To announcement on Twitter that he was creating a series of non-fungible tokens (NFT)!

Title “Golden Triumph”, this series of NFTs has 50 unique numbered tokens. They will be sold at auction at the beginning of June 2023 (from June 2 to 9), and the highest bid will win the token numbered N°1, and so on until N°50.

“I am pleased to announce an artistic project with one of my favorite artists, Market Price. This collaboration features the original “Golden Triumph” painting, along with a series of Ordinals inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain. (…)”

NFTs glorifying gold on Bitcoin! – Twitter account of @PeterSchiff

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Parody, bad joke, need money? The cryptosphere is wondering

Past the stupefaction of this announcement, especially from Peter Schiff, the crypto community wondered about the level of seriousand especially sinceritythe approach of this (formerly?) fierce opponent of Bitcoin and its ilk.

Peter Schiff quickly clarifies on the first questions put to him that he is not “still not a member of the club” of bitcoiners. The latter remind him that his gait and very curious (or very hypocritical) if he still doesn’t believe in the King of Cryptos.

Anthony Pompliano: Welcome, Peter. We were waiting for your arrival [chez les bitcoiners].
Peter Schiff: I haven’t arrived yet. But here’s your chance to buy something to commemorate what you hope will be the early days of Bitcoin, and its staunchest critic. If I’m wrong, these [NFT] could be very valuable one day.
Mike Alfred: How can they be “a lot of value” if Bitcoin is worth nothing, Peter? Are you saying you now understand that the immutability of Bitcoin’s blockchain network has real fundamental value? »

Peter Schiff clearly hasn't changed his mind about Bitcoin.
Bitcoiners question Peter Schiff on the level of sincerity of his approach.

Peter Schiff still doesn’t seem not convinced by Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but he seems at least to have understood one of their potentials. That of generate a lot of money! Thus, the approach of this very pro-gold seems much inspired by that of Donald Trump. Indeed, although the former president of the United States is also anti-Bitcoin (because he is very pro-dollar), he has also issued series of NFTs that earned him several additional millions.

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