the autonomous regime of senators on borrowed time?

At the initiative of environmentalists, the left in the Senate suggested on Wednesday to start work to change the autonomous pension scheme for senators, while the upper house on Thursday seizes the government’s reform project applying to the whole country. .

This proposal is part of a process of social justice, transparency and democratic exemplarity, wrote the president of the environmental group Guillaume Gontard to the president of the Senate Grard Larcher (LR), in a letter of which AFP had a copy. He attached a motion for a resolution aimed at reforming the pension fund for former senators, signed by the 91 left-wing elected members (Socialists, Communists and Ecologists).

This calls on the office of the Senate, its highest collegiate authority, to initiate a reflection, citing the example of the National Assembly who has aligned its pension plan with common civil service law since January 1, 2018. In addition, left-wing senators want to prohibit the fund’s reserves from being invested in fossil fuel projects.

Grard Larcher has always defended an autonomous regime, because it is important that parliamentarians, whatever the country, are not under direct pressure from the executive. On the other hand, he keeps repeating that the Senate will transpose for its own regime the new rules which will be adopted in the reform of the executive, bringing in particular 64 years instead of 62 years to the legal age of departure.

The age at which senators can claim payment of their pension is now set at 62 years, but the real average age of retirement is 72 years, specifies the Senate. The amount of the pension takes into account the duration of the mandates carried out. Grard Larcher points out that senators contribute more than deputies.

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In December 2019, it was worth the net average a senator’s pension 3850 euros.

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