The Bachelor 2021: Who will succeed Sebastian Preuss

In 2020 it was Sebastian Preuss, next year "The Bachelor" is called Niko Griesert. Who is the man looking for love in season eleven?

The eleventh season of "The Bachelor" knows its main actor: Niko Griesert (30) is looking for great love in 2021, as RTL announced on October 11th. "It will certainly be a very emotional journey," said the 1.91 meter tall IT project manager from Osnabrück in an interview. So far he has had two steady relationships, after three years of being single he now wants to find the woman for life. "I'm 30 now and I'm getting to the age where you can introduce a woman to your parents and say: That's her!"

How can women score points at Griesert? She should "just like to experience new things, be open and show interest," he says. He also attaches importance to the fact that his future partner "has her heart in the right place, is humorous and maybe doesn't take herself too seriously – because I don't either". According to his own statement, the new Rosenkavalier does not have an optical checklist or a loot scheme.

"The Bachelor" is already a father

For the 30-year-old single, family comes first. In addition to his parents, this also includes his nine-year-old daughter, who according to the broadcaster lives with her mother in the USA. "My daughter means everything to me," says Griesert. He visits the girl as often as possible. "It's a beautiful part of my life."

Sport provides the necessary balance in Griesert's life. He is active up to five times a week. But he also has a romantic side: he has been teaching himself to play the piano for around two years. "I just always like to learn new things."

The eleventh season of the RTL dome show is taking place in Germany for the first time due to the corona pandemic. No problem for Griesert, after all, he wants to find the woman for life and "no vacation flirt". The TV broadcast is announced for the beginning of 2021 (also on TVNow). An exact date has not yet been set.