The Bachelor: Sebastian does not get his kiss this time


Sebastian Preuss (30) is looking for great love for life. To do this, he first has to try the ladies cast in the RTL show "The Bachelor" (also via TVNow). In the two previous episodes, Preuss opened the "Kiss Games", most recently he had fun with Wioleta in the chocolate bath. In episode five, the "Bachelor" challenges the ladies to show more passion and commitment. What exactly he might mean by this will be revealed later. The show is characterized by bitchy water mermaids, a masked wedding anniversary and the motto "be completely yourself".

The group date demands a lot of physical effort and control from Anna (27), Jenny T. (32), Vanessa (26) and Denise-Jessica (26), who, according to Sebastian, fought especially for him. Therefore, the four of them can spend the day with him on the flyboard in the sea. Everyone loves the water action except Denise. The tennis trainer is not very enthusiastic about her leather foot and the fear of water. But Denise-Jessica's bitchiness is rewarded. After the water sports excursion, Sebastian receives an invitation to a sundowner on the beach. It would become more and more emotionally with her, but I'm afraid that if she falls in love she will be betrayed. This emotional chaos is obviously too exhausting for the "Bachelor". He thinks he doesn't really get closer to Denise, a more "platonic" relationship.


High kissing rate with Sebastian

Meanwhile, the others in the villa place bets on the potential kiss candidates from Sebastian. The kissing rate is high, the girls agree. Diana (22) doesn't seem to like it, she doesn't just want to be the next. Of all people, she receives the invitation to the individual date. The setting is relatively unusual for the dome broadcast. Sebastian and Diana celebrate their fictional 40th wedding anniversary, on which they are made up by makeup artists.

Kitschy remarks from Preuss like "You are an attractive old lady" and "How do you feel about love in old age?" are table topics for coffee and cake together. During the subsequent Secco, Diana wants to know which girls he prefers and whether he wants to test them all. The Rosenkavalier explains to the journalism student that this is how it works and everyone knows what he is getting into. The fact that Diana had the "party girl stamp" on Sebastian as a young party-goer doesn't make the conversation any better – she feels attacked.

No rose for the unruly

The "Bachelor" also wants to find out how close he can get to Linda (24). He takes her to a fragrance hotel where the two can be pampered with a partner massage. Then Sebastian takes the kiss attack, but the student rejects it – she doesn't want to be fooled. In the evening at the champagne in the pool, the 30-year-old goes on the offensive again. "How important is kissing to you in a relationship?" Too clumsy so Sebastian can't cook them softly. "We are not here with you what!" – Linda remains proud ("I am me") and will be punished for it later. She doesn't want to be one of many, Mr. Preuss has kissed too many before her. The two stay in separate bedrooms.

At the night of the rose it becomes clear: The "Bachelor" is short. Denise-Jessica couldn't make up her mind, and Linda didn't want to let him in – it ended up costing them both their roses.