“The Bachelorette” spoiler: Maxime Herbord is deeply disappointed in episode 6

“The Bachelorette” episode 6
Maxime Herbord deeply disappointed and in tears

Maxime Herbord as “Die Bachelorette” (on RTL and TVNOW)


Maxime Herbord still has seven men to choose from in episode six of “The Bachelorette”, but then it comes to the low point of the season for the 26-year-old. Maxime doubts her role and whether she is even up to it.

Total emotional chaos for Maxime Herbord in the sixth episode “The Bachelorette”: The 26-year-old is slowly developing real feelings for some of the candidates and that is exactly what is her downfall. Two men threw in the towel in the past episodes and voluntarily left the dating show. But now it’s getting even bigger for Maxime.

Warning, spoilers!

Maxime Herbord gets double the clap

While Maxime and Zico get closer and closer and even kiss passionately in front of the villa on the night of the roses, she is deeply disappointed by two other candidates. First, Tony puts her off on a one-off date and explains that he is canceling the project. Then it gets really dramatic for Maxime.

Julian and Maxime on their date

Julian and Maxime on their date


Julian of all people says something similar to the influencer. Maxime had always doubted him. Julian always seemed unsure whether he really wanted to be there any longer, but then gave Maxime the first bumpy kiss on a plane trip. Even if this moment was embarrassing for both of them, there was a certain connection between Maxime and Julian. That’s why many of the other candidates saw him as the show’s favorite.

Then the shock. “I can’t get by in the villa at all. Every time I see you, I’m happy to see you. But I’m not ready to concentrate completely on you. I can’t anymore. I’m completely broken and I would like you to understand. “

Strong doubts about the role of the “Bachelorette”

Maxime doesn’t get much out at this moment, except that she thinks it’s a shame. Only when Julian is gone does Maxime burst into tears. “Is it me? Apparently yes, because it happened twice today. Does it make sense that I have this role? What’s wrong with me?”, Maxime doubts herself. But actually she had already expected Julian’s decision. “I always said Julian was dangerous. I didn’t take my own advice.”

Maxime gets up again

Clearly, this day is probably the low point for Maxime. She’s finished and cries herself to sleep tonight. But whoever thought the Bachelorette is now broken and even gives up the search for love, is wrong.

The next day, Maxime emerges from the situation stronger than ever. “It was ugly, it wasn’t a nice way and I felt really shit yesterday because I saw something in Julian that wasn’t there. That was tough. But it actually did me quite good and I can see that now. Maybe I let myself be blinded a bit in between and forgot the most important things and above all forgot myself. I grew to it. This week has shown me that I don’t have to hide. I am who I am and that’s a good thing. “

The sixth episode will be on RTL on August 18, 2021.

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