The beautiful citizen response to high school banning LGBT flags


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While an American high school made the decision to ban LGBT + flags, a neighbor rebelled in style by developing a giant flag.

This is the kind of initiative that is heartwarming. A man living on a farm in Newberg, a town near Portland, Oregon, has decided to rebel in his own way against a ban deemed unfair. Helped by volunteers, the American Jaybill McCarthy built on August 15 a rainbow standard 2.5 meters high and 5 meters long which he then exhibited in his garden. He said on Twitter: “Thanks to all the amazing people who came out to help us make this happen. And thanks to the people on Twitter for your kind words and support. My wife and I will be delighted if it helps even a youngster to knowing that you are thinking of them and that they are not alone. “

This was a response to a new measure from Newberg High School, the high school in his town to which he is next.. On August 10, this establishment took the decision to prohibit LGBT + symbols and Black Lives Matter, as explained Slate. What indignant many students, teachers and residents of Newberg.

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A message of love for all LGBT + people

Jaybill McCarthy explained his approach to the local media Newberg Graphic : “I have gay family members and I identify myself as bisexual so I was hurt by this moment which brought a lot of feelings back to me. I really feel bad for the kids of all. those schools that hear this totally wrong message that they are not ok, or that hear that the symbol that represents solidarity with who they are is not acceptable. “

The man had posted his idea for a flag on the Reddit forum before painting it on wood. He had then received several proposals for physical assistance and donations. After the flag was finished, he posed proudly with his wife in front of his artwork for the Newberg Graphic newspaper. This giant sign which represents for him a message of love is now accessible to high school students. Indeed, his farm being very close to Newberg High School, students will be able to see the rainbow from the windows of their classrooms.

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