The best remedy for summer heat? Your own pool in the garden!

An inflatable pool is enough for a little refreshment in the garden. The advantage? These pools are extremely cheap, but still offer a decent volume.

The basic principle of these pools is quickly explained and just as easy to set up, because the pools are actually just the larger representatives of the paddling pools: You fill the upper ring with air. Then water is slowly poured in.

The so-called frame pools, i.e. pools that are held by a frame that is usually made of metal, are much more stable and durable. These pools fit significantly more water – and there is a real “swimming pool” feeling. It’s a bit more complex to set up, but anyone who can set up a tent can easily set up a frame pool. The prices here start at around 100 euros.

Tip: In contrast to a smaller, inflatable pool, pools with a frame basically stay put all season long. In addition to the actual pool, you should also think about cleaning accessories and chlorine tablets in good time so that the water can be used for longer.

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