the brand new trailer surprised us (for good)

This Thursday, January 14, 2021, a second trailer for "OSS 177: Red Alert in Black Africa" ​​was released. A foretaste of the film, which will be signed Nicolas Bedos, much less bitter than we feared …

The first teaser left us unmoved. It must be said that he was very short and that for the umpteenth time we saw Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath miraculously escape the balls of his opponents. We hoped to see more: the dark humor, but so subtle, of the first two parts of OSS 117 was not there. And then seeing another director that Michel Hazanavicius take over the reins left us to fear the worst. Especially since it is Nicolas Bedos who is this time at the helm of the cult franchise and his outrageous outings on the air of"we can't say anything more" let us imagine a film based on racist and misogynistic humor, where the franchise has so far chosen to turn not the minorities, but the hero in ridicule. In short, the pitch ofOSS 177: Red Alert in Black Africa left us skeptical. Add to that the perilous exercise of playing with racist stereotypes.

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It is therefore against all expectations that the second trailer, unveiled this Thursday, January 14, 2021, delighted us. We see more dialogues and we laugh when we find the mimicry that has become unavoidable of Jean Dujardin as a junk spy. But, above all, we find the tone of the first two parts, already written at the time by Jean-François Halin, still at the controls on OSS 177: Red Alert in Black Africae. Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath is trying, as best he can, to "integrate" abroad, here in Kenya. But the result is catastrophic and, despite his best efforts, he does not avoid prejudice. Moments of embarrassment that made the success of previous opus, satirical portraits of a given era (this time, the 80's).

On the networks, some still remain cautious. They believe that Bedos inevitably made a film going against the precedents, which laughed at the dominant. And will propose an anti- "well-thought-out" OSS, seeking to offend this fringe of the public which is tired of always laughing at the same people (foreigners, racialized people, women …). While waiting to see the final result when the cinemas reopen, we will appreciate that a mainstream film so clearly mentions colonization on the African continent and portrays its hero, the famous "straight white male of 50 years", for a badger.

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