The call of French feminists to save Afghan women


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The Taliban’s seizure of power in Kabul has turned the lives of the majority of Afghans, and especially Afghan women, upside down, forced to submit to Islamic law in order to be able to study, work or simply go out. Indignant, eight activists signed the platform “France must support Afghan women who resist” in the Journal du Dimanche dated September 19.

Islamic Emirate pledges to respect women’s rights under Sharia law“, confirmed the spokesman of the Taliban at a press conference given on August 18. Wearing of the burqa, prohibition to speak to a man other than her husband, to laugh out loud or to lean over it his balcony or his window, opacification of the windows so that women are not visible from outside their home, prohibition to ride a bicycle or to put on make-up… These are some of the 29 rules that women will have to comply with of this country according to the list published by the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan. In a long platform of Sunday Newspaper on September 19, eight feminist activists called on the French government to come to their aid.

The committed text is signed by Agsous Zahra (feminist activist), Irène Ansari (Iranian Women’s League for Democracy), Marie-Noëlle Bas (president of the Guard Dogs), Flor Beltran (Las Rojas), Nadia Chaabane (Collective of Feminists Tunisiennes), Haidar Shoukria (Negar support for Women in Afghanistan), Anne Leclerc (National Collective for Women’s Rights) and Suzy Rojtman (National Collective for Women’s Rights). Their advocacy begins with disappointed hope, “The Taliban have changed, they claim“, and continues with a revolting observation:”25 years ago, we saw that their main obsession was with women. They eradicated by their official decrees their fundamental and most elementary rights by making them minor and in a precarious situation (…) In 2021, what comes to us from Afghanistan does not allow us to see big changes (…) the recovery of Sharia law and its share of abject corporal punishment.

“They demonstrate with great courage”

Due to the French presence in this territory for thirteen years and the ordeal described by the women still living there, the signatories implore France to take action. “The women resist. They are demonstrating with great courage in Afghanistan even against the loss of their rights. They are facing the Taliban. France must support them! Afghan women need to know that they are not alone, that they are not being abandoned as spoils of war to the Taliban after the withdrawal of the Americans and its allies“, they hammer, hoping to make their voices heard.

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