The children of TV: who are the guests of the show this Sunday, February 27?

Laurent Ruquier will receive five personalities in his new issue of Children of TV this Sunday, February 27. But who are they? Télé Star tells you more.

A new appointment. This Sunday, February 27, Laurent Ruquier returns to the air for a new issue of Children of TV. This will be broadcast from 6:20 p.m. on the public service channel. On this occasion, the host will be surrounded by five personalities and all will come back to cult sequences from the small screen and which have marked the viewers. But who will be Laurent Ruquier’s guests? First there will be Agathe Lecaron, the host of the Maison des Maternelles and Bel et bien. She was recently chosen to present the new season of Masterchef. In front of her, there will also be the actress Barbara Schulzwhich is currently starring in the play As you would like at the theater La Pépinière. At their side, the pianist Richard Clayderman, who just released a new album titled Power of Love. This is the 35th of his long career. Viewers will also be able to find Philip Maneuver, who released a book last November in which he tells anecdotes about his career. And finally, it’s Thomas VDB, currently on tour with his show Thomas VDB s’acclimate, who will be present on the set of the show. Guests eager to comment on cult television sequences.

An unlikely story. A few hours before the broadcast of this new number, Télé Loisirs broadcast an unpublished sequence of the show. In this one, we can see Philippe Maneuver talk about his career and in particular the day he got angry with a journalist, whom he did not hesitate to describe as “fake journalist“. Indeed, it is Valérie Hauert, the presenter of the morning of the Swiss Radio Television (RTS). In the extract, we can hear a audio recording of a phone callyears in which the comedian loses his calm against his interlocutor after a question. “But I can’t, I’m not in the head of the Stones or Scorsese either, Madam, are you c ** or what?, he asked her. Faced with this reaction, the journalist is somewhat destabilized and, while she tries to continue the conversation so as not to end the interview with this sentence, she does not succeed. The reason ? The principal concerned hangs up on him. “That’s the real rock’n’roll attitude”, said Laurent Ruquier. For his part, Philippe Maneuver replies: You have to insult them a bit before hanging up on them, otherwise it’s pointless, he concluded. A very unexpected anecdote.

Children of TV: since when has Laurent Ruquier been at the head of the show?

Les Enfants de la télé is a French entertainment program broadcast on France 2 since its creation in September 1994. It was first presented by Pierre Tchernia and Arthur. It’s only by September 2017 that Laurent Ruquier has arrived. The purpose of this is to decipher cultural and television news by watching cult sequences that have marked the minds and viewers.


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© Gilles Gustine/France2

2/12 –

Laurent Ruquier
The program is presented by Laurent Ruquier.

© Veeren -Christophe Clovis

3/12 –

Thomas VDB
Thomas VDB will be present.


4/12 –

Thomas VDB
He will talk about his new special.


5/12 –

Philip Maneuver
There will also be Philippe Manoeuvre.

© Romain Doucélin

6/12 –

Philip Maneuver
He will mention anecdotes from his career.

© PacificPressAgency

7/12 –

Richard Clayderman
At his side, there will be Richard Clayderman.

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8/12 –

Richard Clayderman
The pianist released his 35th album.

© Giancarlo Gorassini

9/12 –

Barbara Schulz
Barbara Schulz will be there.

© Giancarlo Gorassini

10/12 –

Barbara Schulz
She is currently performing in the play Comme il vous plaira at the La Pépinière theater.

© Pierre Perusseau

11/12 –

Agathe Lecaron
Agathe Lecaron is also invited.

© Pierre Perusseau

12/12 –

Agathe Lecaron
She is a facilitator.

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