The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, a late Switch port made official and already dated

4 years behind other platforms, Bandai Namco Games And Supermassive Games have come out The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan on Switch earlier this year, without notice before launch. It wasn’t just an isolated event, because the rest of the series will follow in a few days.

Bandai Namco Games has just announced on social networks that The Dark Pictures: Little Hope was going to see the light of day on Nintendo Switch, and its release date on this platform is already set for October 5, 2023 ! We currently do not have any images or trailers for gameplay to give us an idea of ​​its technical qualities, but they should be close to those of porting Man of Medanwhich still suffered from shortcomings in the face of editions on PlayStation, Xbox or PC.

Like its predecessor, Little Hope should be offered exclusively in digital format via theeShop. If you like the saga, the recent The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me is available from €29.99 on

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