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Recently, Amel Bent announced that she was pregnant with her third child, but also mentioned a discovery that particularly touches her.

In this year 2021, the 36-year-old singer learned two news that will turn his life upside down. On October 24, the young woman – already mother of two little girls – revealed in Seven to Eight on TF1 that she was pregnant with her third child. But recently, she learned something else, which is related to her personality, and which she was not expecting: she is HPI, for high intellectual potential, and has an extraordinary IQ.

Amel Bent confides for the first time on this subject in the show Without filter by Éric Jean-Jean, which will be broadcast on W9 on November 23 in the second part of the evening, and whose TV-Leisure echoed. She thus reveals that the diagnosis fell not long ago and give an idea of ​​his IQ

Amel Bent has an IQ between 130 and 156

In the show, Éric Jean-Jean indicates that Amel Bent has an IQ of 156. But the singer takes it up: “It’s less anyway.” The only certainty: the IQ of an HPI person is greater than 130. This gives a nice range.

If she is now well aware of her facilities in all areas, Amel Bent also now knows why she meets emotional or social difficulties in certain situations. “There are facilities but also a lot of difficulties to concentrate, to have self-confidence”, she explains.

Knowing that she is HPI also enlightens Amel Bent in her relationship with others and on her anxiety disorders from which she has always suffered. For those close to them, too, it is a plus for better understanding their reactions and attitudes towards them. “There are times when there is a kind of switch, where I can’t talk to anyone anymore, where I shut myself up”, she continues. What she does not yet know, however, is whether her children have or will have the same abilities as her.

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