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Koh-Lanta, the Legend returns with an All Stars edition. Among the candidates, we find in particular Candice, former versions Treasure Island and Combat of the Heroes. Candice Boisson is one of the youngest, yet Koh Lanta has had a strong impact on her health.

Koh-Lanta resumes on Tuesday August 24, 2021. The names of the adventurers promise a strong emotional show: we find Claude Dartois, Clémence Castel and Candice Boisson. The latter even found love in Koh-Lanta in the person of Jérémy Raffin, an equally star participant and candidate of Ninja Warrior. Candice Boisson, of which it is the third Koh-Lanta, is close to blogger Jeremstar. They met during their participation in Fort Boyard. She told him about the heavy consequences of the various survival adventures on his health. During the sessions of the game, Candice, like all the other participants, lost a lot of weight. Extreme weight loss that is quickly caught up by the body: “When we go to Koh-Lanta, we lose a lot of weight, but when we come back, we take back double” she revealed, adding being today “at + 5 kilos of (his) usual weight”.

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Koh-Lanta also has an impact on the hair

These rapid changes in weight are harmful to the body. Candice’s body is put to the test. She also says that these rapid weight gains are accompanied by hair loss: “I’m losing my hair … The undersides of Koh-Lanta, when we come home, the body is moping so much that … I have bites, three times a week, so as not to lose them”, and add: “It did this to me the three times, three Koh-Lanta, each time I lose my hair, I regain double the weight … Horror!” The physical preparation of the candidates is essential to integrate the game. Easy for Candice, champion of wakeboarding on multiple occasions!

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