The father of Independence Day and Stargate launches a universe mixing video games, animation and… NFT

Vincent Mannessier

July 01, 2023 at 10:30 a.m.


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Do you remember NFTs? Roland Emmerich, in any case, does not seem to have forgotten them.

In a project called Space Nation, which would have been in the air last year, when NFTs were attracting attention, the American blockbuster director tries to do everything at the same time: animated series, MMORPG and animation. If Emmerich is not incapable either and has surrounded himself with talented people, several points raise questions.

A disproportionate project

Does Roland Emmerich have milk on the fire? If the director certainly has experience in telling stories, the launch of the project seems completely rushed. He announced it himself: what he is creating is a franchise. A universe in space opera therefore, which has the advantage of being able to be declined in many commercial opportunities or different works of fiction. This will begin with the release, scheduled for August, of an MMORPG in space, in which everyone will control a ship, before being followed by a live action series and another in animation. And if you want to buy a non-fungible token representing a procedurally generated ship, you can! A priorino one should steal it from you.

It’s true that announcing so many different projects around a single universe still entails a risk: if it doesn’t please, it’s not one, but three flops that it risks having to cash. In view of the motivation clearly displayed by Emmerich, there is also reason to wonder. He said it himself: the idea is to captivate audiences, wherever they are, and to take advantage of Hollywood’s growing interest in the world of video games.


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Emmerich gives himself the means

If the project still has everything to prove, especially in view of some space opera MMORPGs of recent years, the director ofIndependance Day don’t start from scratch either. Indeed, if he has one thing, it is funding. The project is said to have already raised at least $50 million and is preparing to receive investors for a new and likely final round of fundraising. Until last year, they hoped that the sale of NFT would also participate in the financing. We hope they have a plan B.

Moreover, a filmmaker first and foremost, Emmerich will only be creative director of Space Nation. On the other hand, he was able to surround himself with people who were a little more experienced than him in video games. Jerome Wu, who notably worked on World of Warcraftor Tony Tang, who participated in Warframewill thus be part of it.

wish to Space Nation a little more successful than the last comparable pharaonic project, StarCitizenwith 10 times more budget and which will enter its tenth year of alpha.

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