the French video game museum project breaks all crowdfunding records

Project Odyssey is without any comparison one of the most exciting video game projects currently. The idea? Create in France a gigantic space dedicated to the history of video games, but also to popular and Japanese culture. Already backed by the world’s largest collection of gaming consoles, this crazy dream is well on its way to becoming a reality. We will explain everything to you.

Credits: Tev – Ici Japon (YouTube)

Remember, during the summer of 2022, several national and specialized media will discuss the sale on eBay of an incredible collection of more than 2,200 game consolesfor an astronomical amount of €984,000, or around a million dollars.

Very quickly, subscribers of the Tev- Ici Japon channel contacted the videographer to tell him about this incredible story, and above all to see if it was not possible to do something to preserve this wonderful collection as it is, and prevent it from being scattered across the four corners of the world. Inevitably, the idea of ​​creating a museum comes up several times.

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odyssey video game museum
Credits: Tev – Ici Japon (YouTube)

The beginnings of the Odyssey project

Faced with the pressure or rather the enthusiasm of its subscribers, Tev – Ici Japon contacted Ludovic, the owner of this extraordinary collection. After this meeting, the YouTuber quickly understands that Ludovic is not actually looking to make money with its video game relics acquired over more than 20 years. His dream was indeed to open a museumbut obviously, it is difficult to bring such a huge project to fruition alone. Ludovic is already experiencing all the difficulties in the world to store these wonders in more than 300 m² and above all to expand its collection, particularly due to the soaring prices of retro-gaming. Above all, a passionate person.

At the beginning of 2023, Tev – Ici Japon therefore announces its plan to open a video game museum, in collaboration with Ludovic, with crowdfunding to be launched later in the year. And while nothing is official, the YouTuber receives an avalanche of emails from collectors the same day, brands, communities and associations. Enough to confirm the tremendous enthusiasm around the project.

A dream that could soon come true

Since then, this somewhat crazy idea has become more and more concrete, thanks to the work of the videographer, Ludovic and his various partners such as the city of Bussy-Saint-Georges. It is in fact this town, located near Paris, which will host the future French video game museum. As Tev – Ici Japon explains in a video published on September 20, 2023, you should not expect a classic museum. It will present itself more as a fun and interactive space, which will highlight the history of video games and its main players. Rooms will also be dedicated to recent JV news, to the organization of e-sport tournaments or even conferences focused on the media.

But that’s not all. Since entry tickets and public subsidies are not enough to ensure the sustainability of such an establishment, a reproduction of a Japanese village is also in preparation. In this place dedicated to Japanese culture and pop culture, visitors will be able to eat, buy mangas and figurines, etc. In total, theThese two spaces will represent no less than 3,500 m².

Please note that all contracts were signed according to Tev – Ici Japon. In other words, all that remains is to launch this famous crowdfunding campaign. It’s been done since today, and suffice to say that the fans responded. Indeed, with a goal set at €500,000 minimum to open the museum (one million to add the Japanese village), €130,316 have already been collected at the time of writing these lines. In other words, this crazy project is well on its way to becoming a reality and as a video game lover, we couldn’t help but talk about it.

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