The Galaxy S25s could be powered by the Cortex-X5, season 4 of The Boys will be released on June 13, this is the recap of the week

Samsung could integrate the Cortex-X5 into its future smartphones, Amazon Prime Video lifts the veil on the release date of the next season of The Boys, the best methods to charge your iPhone according to iPhone, this is the recap of the week .

This week, we take stock of Apple’s charging recommendations for your iPhone and we tell you everything we know about the release of season 4 of The Boys. While Samsung could integrate the Cortex-X5 into the processors of its Galaxy S25, Google Play attracts the wrath of Sega and the American Federal Trade Commission (FTC) orders Razer to pay a large fine for lying about the characteristics of the headset Zephyr.

The Galaxy S25 processor should be ultra efficient

While Qualcomm works on developing the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, ARM is focusing on the Cortex-X5, a high-performance CPU core known under the codename BlackHawk, which could outperform the competition. A new leak reveals that Samsung could integrate this new core into the Exynos 2500 which will equip its future Galaxy S25s. If this rumor is true, Samsung’s future smartphones could be even more powerful than all devices powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4.

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Protect your iPhones by using the right charging methods

Apple’s technical support page has been updated by the company, which wants to emphasize approved charging methods for its iPhones. On the site, we can therefore read that it is not recommended to charge your devices near you or buried under blankets, as this can lead to overheating. As for accessories, Apple recommends that you use the cable provided and above all avoid damaged chargers. As for wireless, it is better to use Qi-certified and Magsafe chargers and ban the use of non-approved and CE-marked accessories.

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Google Play tries to pay homage to Sonic but completely crashes

Google Play wanted to pay homage to the famous video game character on its account, but it was a total fiasco. Indeed, the publications are full of errors and the community does not hesitate to point this out. Fans aren’t the only ones making fun of the platform. Indeed, the official Sonic the Hedgehog account itself reacted to so much inaccuracy.

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Zephyr: Razer should not have lied

In 2021, a few months after the global COVID-19 pandemic, Razer took advantage of CES in Las Vegas to present the Zephyr, an RGB protective mask equipped with N95 filters. Unfortunately for the PC peripheral manufacturer, numerous tests revealed that these filters were not effective, and for good reason, Razer never had its product tested by specific institutions. Razer is therefore forced by the American Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to reimburse buyers of the Zephyr mask and to pay a fine of around 1 million euros.

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Season 4 of The Boys will be released on June 13

Good news for fans of The Boys, Amazon Prime Video has just revealed the release date for the next season. The firm announced on X (Twitter) that season 4 would be broadcast from June 13. While no trailer has been shared yet, the promotional image shows Homelander smiling proudly in front of a wall of police officers. Season 3 having ended with the victory of the great antagonist of the series, we can expect the latter to be even more powerful in the next season.

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Our tests of the week

Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro: the best value for money

If you’re looking for a great Android tablet sold at a reasonable price, the Pad 6S Pro is for you. Xiaomi’s device combines good ergonomics, a well-calibrated screen, quality sound and good battery life. It’s a powerful tablet, which will be able to run all your big games. Mini-downside, the HyperOS overlay which is not the best. We would have appreciated discovering a keyboard and a cover in the box.

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Samsung Galaxy A35 5G: low price but limited power

Samsung offers here a powerful smartphone for less than 300 euros. We love its neat finishes, its MicroSD slot and the quality of daytime photos. Good news, the Galaxy 135 5G benefits from 5 years of updates. Unfortunately, some mid-range smartphones offer a much better price/power ratio and better battery life. Be careful, the quality of night photos is very average.

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Indika: a video game you absolutely must discover

If we put aside the not always exciting gameplay and the sometimes uneven artistic direction, Indika is a video game worth discovering. We loved the dialogues, both well written and performed, the length of time, the scenery and the breathtaking atmosphere. Players will also enjoy the mystery that keeps you guessing throughout the game.

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